24h emergency assistance for tenants
departure covered by insurance*'

It is one thing to find a tenant, it's totally another thing to be on guard for 365 days a year for 24/7 to assist with small and big tenant problems.

Chat with the dispatcher

Service for insured customers


Chat with the dispatcher

In the chat we will specify the details and determine the urgency.

Analysing possibilities

Safely dispatcher is looking for solutions, if necessary, consults with service providers.

Offering solutions

We offer the landlord solutions and inform the parties of the decision.

How 24h assistance is beneficial to the landlord



We keep the parties informed and everything is documented. We will help with coordinating suitable times for required works.

Property in great condition

24h assistance helps to prevent further damage. The best part is that the costs of emergency care are covered by insurance.


The dispatcher can also assist with the planning of regular maintenance (gas facilities, fire safety, etc.)


We talk about problems with possible solutions

We know what it feels like to get a call from the tenant in the middle of the night "The water pipe broke, please help!" or "I forgot the keys at Saaremaa". Safely dispatcher will help to distribute problems in order of urgency. If we inform the landlord about the situation, it is usually already with possible solutions. This will save time and energy.

*Read more about the terms and conditions of the If insurance here