Risk based insurance pricing

Safely system helps landlords to manage their rental properties from the start to the end with less stress and more free time .

During the rental period manage documents, readings and send invoices. 24/7 tenant assist is also included in the price to give more free time to landlords.


Save time for good things

Safely keeps the issues related to your rental business together and under control, so you will have more free time!


We help you manage better

We help the landlord and the tenant to conclude a balanced contract and keep a good relationship until the end of the tenancy.


Help you be a better landlord

With Safely tools, you avoid risks and make more money.

Property advertising

Keep all your information in one place and up-to-date, finishing with an old tenant and finding a new one is just a few clicks away.


Advertise your free real estate

In the safely system you can advertise your real estate for free. It is convenient that images and object information are present in the system.

Choosing the right tenant

Safely gives you the opportunity to get a good overview of those interested and choose the best one.


Compare candidates

Send tests to the candidates, which will help you compare the tenant's suitability with your real estate and wishes. The risk engine gives everyone interested a numerical rating, based on which it is easy to choose the best tenant for your property.

Contracts and documents

All documents in one place. Safely provides a contract form, you only fill in the gaps!


Create the necessary documents easily

The Safely system allows you to easily create a lease agreement, a delivery deed and a lease termination notice.

Damage caused by the tenant*

24/7 Home assistance service for emergencies*

Rent insurance cover (2 months)*

Rental income insurance cover*


Dispatcher is the communication channel between landlord and tenant, read more here.


Lower the risk, cheaper the insurance

Safely helps to avoid problems, by keeping contracts and finances in order. And if something ever happens, don’t worry, If insurance will help!





Create contract with insurance
30 sec intro video

Tenant's 24h assistance

A communication channel created for the tenant that automates a large part of more frequent communication. There is always a person on call for emergencies.



Create, manage and receive invoices effortlessly from one place.


Documents and QR stickers

The document archive keeps the papers in order. You can give the tenants access to the user manuals via QR stickers.



Reminders and sending of readings directly from the phone.

Be smart. Manage Safely.